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I have 2 cocks now

2014-02-20 23:17:53 by Sensationalism

Okay people call them tiels for short, not cocks. I have a baby cockatiel now. She is a few months old. Hopefully when she turns two she will make adorable babies with the boy cockatiel I have.

I always wanted to keep a son from him. My mom would never let me breed him or get more so I had to wait until I got my own place. I was hoping I could get an adult female and breed them right away because he is already 17 years old younger males than him have gone infertile. I am pretty sure he'd be fertile if he mated right now. I can only hope he still will be in 2 years. I have heard of a 19 yr old male fathering babies. I also hope he is still in great health and lives longer than another 2 years. Breeding can shorten lifespan from stress. Also it was hard to find a girl because I wanted a specific kind.

Anyway he has a really hard time socializing with other birds because he grew up a spoiled bird with human family and no bird friends. Sometimes he gets along great with the baby and sometimes he attacks her. My SO thinks they will never mate. But I hold hope that in two years all I will have to do is add a nestbox and they will get down with each other :D

My boy is my spoiled baby and even though he can be mean sometimes and is very independent I still love him tons. He will always be my first love.

My new babygirl is super sweet most of the time. She just love scritches on the head and cuddling. She can be a bit cheeky though. Chomps down on moles and tries to steal scabs!

Here's to hoping in two years I've got a whole family! 1718917_139295620313_0112142313a.jpg


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2014-02-21 01:58:35


Sensationalism responds:

oh yeah


2014-02-21 02:01:57

holy bollocks

Sensationalism responds:

bollocks of holiness


2014-02-23 10:41:13

I wish I had a cock

and a tiel

Sensationalism responds:

Maybe one day you'll get lucky ;)


2014-02-23 17:25:21

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Sensationalism responds:

You disgrace to Ravens.