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If you want an A+ from the teacher

Posted by Sensationalism - June 17th, 2021

Please explain what you liked about your first crush. If we get 10 replies, i will reveal my answer. Gogogo >:P


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I can’t really remember when I had my first real crush but there was one I can still recall from my Sunday school.And honestly,I can’t really explain why I had such feelings at the time.

She was a reserved lady who dressed simply and yet for some reason,I was somehow attracted to her.Maybe it was because I was also reserved myself.I couldn’t get the courage to talk to her,let alone look at her.In terms of appearance,she was naturally pretty.She usually had short black hair though she kept it long several times.I probably had several chances to befriend her but I failed each time.This went on until we moved on with our lives.

Whether it was just the hormones,her appearance or my assumption that we had at least one similar quality that caused me to have such an attraction to her,I still don’t quite know.

I was in 4th or 5th grade. She had bright orange hair,l, pale skin, freckles. She was a little shy, a little weird, and her favourite Pokemon was Arcanine. We talked all the time as I sat next to her in class. I don't remember exactly what did it, but I just felt like we were good friends and that I wanted to be more than that with her. But one day somebody told her I had a crush on her and I literally died of embarrassment. I think that's where my anxiety disorder started from. I couldn't even look at her after that. I still wanted so badly to hold her hand or kiss her but I just feared rejection so badly that I was never able to find out if she liked me back.

My first crush was a bloated fly. I liked how it sounded.

i honestly don't remember

You an ace?

@Mist @Sensationalism no comprehendo

She was the first girl that gave me attention

Lol first crush was sooooo long ago.

I'll tell you about the latest one. She's a bit of a dime if you add two nickels together. She's full on anime weeb and her eyes are completely brown as if they were black. She thinks I like her because she's pretty but I that's not why. It's because she is quirky and full of laughter. She farts when she's comfortable and her smile lightens up my life. I know how to to make her happy and its simple really. You just have to tell her a good shit story. Her middle name is Veronica Rose and she liked to call me Halo.

But she dumped me and now I am alone. Sad forever because no other could compare.

Hey @Sensationalism I think you have a really nice pair of booba. Kudos ?. (That's not wrong to admit is it?)

I'll explain my most recent one. She was short, small, got slightly squishy over the time I knew her but that made her all the more cute. Half Asian half White, with long, vibrant brown hair that she often tied into the neatest bun I've ever seen. She had light brown eyes, a small button nose that would easily light up like Rudolph and imperfectly beautiful crooked teeth. She would laugh at most of my (stupid) jokes. If I caught her when she wasn't busy we could talk for hours on end about anything and everything. Holding eye contact with her felt like a gift straight from the heavens. She had a great heart and put a lot into community service and other wholesome pursuits. I've never been a smells guy, but I was aware of and and became attracted to her natural scent.

I asked her out once, she cleverly rejected with me without actually rejecting me, if that makes sense. I later found out she had a long-term boyfriend (that she referred to as her friend) when I went to a party she invited me too, and was heartbroken for a little while. But he was a great guy, and they were right for each other and happy together, and therefore I am happy. Haven't spoken to them in years but I wish them all the best.

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